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Insurance that fits the Cannabis Industry in Canada

Our years of experience as Commercial Insurance brokers along with a desire to help the Cannabis industry succeed inspired the design of customized Insurance products.

Privately owned Insurance Brokerage - We will work with you to help you accomplish your goals!

We believe that everyone in the Cannabis Industry should be given an opportunity to prosper. We will work closely with every business to develop a program or policy that meets your unique Insurance requirements. 

Our Promise to You

1) To explain the process of obtaining Insurance

2) To educate about the benefits and limitations of Insurance

3) To be transparent, open and honest

If we don't already know the answer to your question we will research and find an answer for you

Insurance Coverages available


Commercial General Liability

Premises Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Product Recall / Products and completed operations

TLL Tenants Legal Liability

Building Owners / Real Estate

Replacement Cost and / or ACV - Actual Cash Value

Equipment breakdown / Boiler & Machinery

Rental Income / Business Interuption


Furnishings, fixtures, equipment and EDP (Electronic Data Processing equipment)

Cannabis Stock and Inventory (Permits / valid licensing required)

Leasehold Improvements

Delivery / transportation

Crop Insurance

Named perils  - Available for LP's / ACMPR

 Growers / Craft Growers (Pending legalization)

Business Interuption

Gross profit / Rental Income / Boiler & Machinery Breakdown / Equipment Breakdown / Extra Expense

Professional Liability

Incidental to retail sales / consultants / advocates / industry professional QA

We work with all Cannabis Industries


Recreational Retail Cannabis and accessory stores

Privately owned recreational cannabis retail stores are quickly becoming prevalent throughout the Country Western Canada. These storefront locations are the front line of the retail Cannabis industry. They will generate tens of thousands of dollars per day in sales and have thousands of dollars worth of various Cannabis Products in the premises at any one time. These retail stores will require comprehensive policies covering Liability, Leasehold improvements, Cannabis stock, crime, equipment breakdown and cyber / privacy breach.



Manufacturing and Processing

The high value of manufacturing and processing equipment requires all-risk coverage . Any losses would be catastrophic. Property coverage, General Liability, Business interruption and equipment breakdown will be essential. 

Manufacturers of edible and non edible Cannabis products will require General Liability, products liability, equipment breakdown and product recall



Craft Growers

The enactment of Bill C-45 and subsequent amendments will allow smaller micro-cultivation operations to operate at substantially lower cost than large scale Standard cultivators. 

All Cannabis cultivators will require General liability and Products liability at minimum. Security and other highly specialized HVAC and filtration systems are valuable assets worth protecting.


(Soon to be) Licensed in all Western Provinces

Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We travel extensively to service the needs of the Cannabis Industry wherever you call home.

British Columbia (License Pending)



Manitoba (License Pending)

We always give you options!

Quote summary

We will always quote you with the most comprehensive insurance available from at minimum 2 Insurance providers and cross reference with your current policy so you can make an informed decision regarding which option is the best fit for your business.

Full Comprehensive Quotes

Quotes will be customized to meet the unique needs of the Cannabis Industry. Full Commercial General Liability, Products and Completed operations, products recall, property, content, Cannabis products and stock, Cannabis in transit, Business Interruption and equipment breakdown

Minimum Recommended and optional coverage's

Each Province will specify the minimum insurance requirements for businesses operating as dispensaries but what about craft growers and products manufacturers. We will determine your individual needs and advise what options are available to you.

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